StandWithUs denounces March 30th `Global March on Jerusalem´ (GMJ)

StandWithUs denounces March 30th `Global March on Jerusalem´ (GMJ)

StandWithUs vehemently denounces the Global March on Jerusalem (GMJ), planned for March 30. Anti-Israel extremists, from the boycott and flotilla organizers to Hezbollah members and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameini himself, have urged people to march en masse across Israel’s borders and especially on Jerusalem. They demand that Israel agree to absorb millions of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Palestinian Mandate Arabs who left in 1948, end “occupation of Palestinian land,” which they consider to be all of Israel, and “de-Judaize” Jerusalem, though it has been the Jewish people’s spiritual and temporal capital for 3,000 years.

GMJ is an explicit attack on the legitimacy of the Jewish state and on its right, the same right granted to all other nations, to control its borders. It is also an attack on Israel’s right to protect the Jewish people and their just claim to equality and freedom, which are denied to them everywhere else in the Middle East. Israel is the one and only Jewish state among 22 surrounding Arab/Muslim nations, the only one where Jews can live and worship freely, and the only one that is home to their holiest sites. In calling for an illegal breach of borders, the action is also an assault on the fundamental principles of international law that undergird the global order.

GMJ organizers hypocritically claim their planned march is a nonviolent action. In fact, the march is a blatant provocation for violence. Israel will be forced either give up its sovereign rights to control its borders and protect its citizens, or it will have to respond with force. When similar organized efforts occurred at the Syrian border last year, 15 people were killed. The Israeli government reportedly has already warned neighboring governments that Israel will regard anyone breaching its borders as an infiltrator, and the IDF will respond with necessary force.

StandWithUs unequivocally condemns GMJ’s organizers who intend to callously use innocent Arab civilians as cannon fodder for their destructive, hate-inspired publicity stunt.

We also deplore the hypocrisy of the GMJ participants. They claim to be human rights activists, but Syria, which has murdered over 8,000 of its citizens to date, is one of their supporters. Many marchers are stopping in Syria on their way to Israel’s borders, but they have expressed no interest in helping the brave Syrian demonstrators, nor have they condemned Syria’s brutal repression. Indeed, this march may be a ploy by anti-Israel extremists to divert newspaper headlines from Syria´s serious issues as well as the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons capability and return public attention to the Palestinians´ demands.

We urge well-meaning, law-abiding citizens everywhere to unequivocally condemn GMJ and to show support for international law, fairness, and Israel’s rights.

We also urge decent people everywhere to participate in BIG—Buy Israeli Goods Day—also scheduled for March 30. Last year, the BIG campaign inspired thousands around the world to purchase Israeli products. It is no accident that BIG coincides with the march. For several years running, GMJ supporters have tried to make March 30 a day to boycott Israeli goods.

Tragically, GMJ is composed of extremists who are trying yet a new way to carry on the 64-year-old Arab-Palestinian war against Israel. Their rejection of the Jewish state’s right to exist has brought nothing but suffering to them and to the Jewish people. Their incitement and extremism silence moderates in the region who want peace and normal lives. We long for the day when Israel’s outstretched hand of friendship is accepted by her neighbors and the 64 years of conflict become a distant memory.

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